As an architect, I see the firm as a design challenge — aligning strategy, structure, and leadership to make a group successful in its own way.

Clark Davis, FAIA

Insightful. Creative. Knowledgeable. Musical.

Clark helps individuals and firms achieve their greatest potential. As an architect, he approaches firms as a design challenge, aligning their strategy, structure, and leadership to help make them more successful in their particular circumstances.

When working with individual leaders, Clark avoids traditional definitions of leadership roles, instead helping them find ways to build their careers on their own strengths and aspirations. He assists leadership teams in shedding professional and emotional baggage so that each individual contributes his or her best, and the organization becomes stronger in the process.

Clark has always been fascinated by the connection between the quality of an organization and the quality of its built work and experiences of its people. Drawing on his skills as a classical musician, he sees the structure and interpretation of music as a close analogy to people’s challenges as leaders in professional organizations. They both have lots of moving parts—and they both take practice.