People are at the center of everything we do. Relationships are built upon trust and understanding.

The success of any design firm, construction firm, or project team is based on the talents and contributions of its people. Competition for talent is often more intense than the competition for new work. The most talented professionals demand transparency and strong communication – they want to know how a firm works, how they can support its mission, and how they will have opportunities to grow.

Communication Workshops

Listening is an essential part of communication and is often the weakest link in the communication process. We work with our clients to help them learn the techniques to actively listen, navigate difficult conversations, and give and receive feedback which can help transform their professional relationships and job performance.

Employee Surveys

Recruiting and retaining great staff is critical in a competitive marketplace. Employees are both the engine of an organization, and they can be the firm's best advocates and marketers. To find out what employees really think means giving them a safe platform on which to communicate. We conduct confidential assessments of employee motivation, culture, and commitment and recommend steps to build the firm's strength through its leaders, associates, and staff.

Team Building and Alignment

Today's design and construction projects are increasingly complex, demanding a broader array of expertise and experience than ever before. Many projects are undertaken by people who have never worked together before, like a whole new enterprise focused on a specific client and building challenge. We help project teams develop a single focus, overcome conflict, and improve performance at any point in the process.