Leadership is earned and is built upon an awareness of others.

Leadership is critical to every firm's success, but leadership skills don't always come naturally. We help individuals improve their awareness, become better communicators and collaborators, and grow into inspiring and inclusive leaders.

Leadership Training

We believe that good leaders aren't just born – they can be developed. Our research shows that vision, humility, vulnerability, inspiration, and collaboration are some of the most important qualities for leaders, but many also need help with basic skills like client relations and financial management. We provide training so that individuals can build the skills that are needed. We offer AIA continuing education learning units with many of our training programs.

Leadership Assessment

Few things are more critical to a firm's long-term viability than the selection of future leaders. We are often asked to assess people for their potential to grow into leadership.

Leadership Succession Planning

For a closely held design firm to be successful over the long term, an orderly transition of leadership and ownership is essential. Transitions should occur at the right time and favor the best-qualified candidates in appropriate roles. We have experience in succession planning for a range of firm sizes and disciplines.

Coaching and Mentoring

To support long-term development, we design individualized coaching programs for staff at every level. Coaching improves collaboration and communication skills, and the ability to handle challenging situations or individuals, and become better at inspiring clients and staff. Mentoring can help leaders grow into their roles. Our approach comes from our own experiences as leaders in design firms and experience with our other clients.

Case Studies