“Effective leadership is inclusive. It’s being self-aware and honest about our own perspectives, experiences, strengths, weaknesses and how they influence our approach to moving things forward. It’s having influence.”

Scott Wilson, PE, PEng

Principal Consultant

Forward Thinking. Perceptive. Consensus Builder. Fearless.

Scott is an experienced leader with 30 years in design and management roles within the architectural, engineering, and design industries. Before joining Cameron MacAllister Group, he was President/CEO of a well-known architecture, engineering, and design firm with offices across the country.

Scott’s passions are developing people, building engaged teams, and helping firms with their strategic and succession planning initiatives. He is also an advocate for justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion, assisting firms to understand their challenges and opportunities better.

Based in Red Lodge, Montana, Scott focuses his free time on his grandkids and pursuing the perfect turn, whether on skis, cars, or motorcycles.