My relationships with my clients are based on trust and honesty. I love getting to know them deeply—understanding their culture, their values, their work – and then helping them to be more successful in the marketplace.

Saskia Dennis-van Dijl

Strategic. Competitive. Experienced. Curious.

Saskia’s love of design and the creative people who practice it drive her work. Applying highly strategic thinking and her knowledge of the design industry, she helps clients improve their competitive messaging and compete successfully for projects. Her clients rely on her intent listening and honest counsel.

Passionate about supporting the role of women in the workplace, Saskia has channeled her beliefs into equity and diversity consulting, helping firms better understand their challenges and opportunities in those areas. This focus carries over into her work with the AIA San Francisco’s Equity by Design Missing 32% Project, for which she is an active spokesperson.

Saskia also works with clients—often on an ongoing basis—on strategic marketing planning, positioning, and marketing assessments, as well as retreat and planning-meeting facilitation.

Saskia lives in Portland, Oregon and is building a house in the Columbia River Gorge, strategically located within hiking distance of the Pacific Crest Trail.