Our services address the business of design and construction in leadership, management, marketing, people, public relations, communications and sustainability

PR + Communications

An effective strategy for public relations and external communications is essential. Bringing together the elements of print and digital media, we help firms to realize the full potential of their work by effectively connecting their work to audience through an expanded media footprint. Services encompass communications assessments, planning and implementation; media relations; brand messaging; workshops and training; and social media assessments and implementation.

Communications Assessments + Strategy

Communications works hand in hand with business goals to leverage and expand visibility and elevate awareness. We review existing exposure (print and digital), existing communications/media plans and supporting infrastructure (people and resources). We recommend a full day, in-person visit with key firm leadership to develop a firsthand understanding of a firm’s personality, to review work, to share initial impressions from our research, and to discuss near term and long term goals for the practice. Prioritized recommendations covering the full spectrum of communications activities can include (but are not limited to) positioning, project placements, profile story development, as well assessing the marketing infrastructure necessary to achieve the desired goals.

Media Relations + External Communications

Visibility with target audiences forms the backbone of media relations. We will work with you to develop and cultivate the stories that matter most to you and your clients. Whether local, national, or international, or consumer- or trade-focused, we work to connect stories to people.

Brand Messaging

Brand unites everything people know about your work. It embodies language and visuals, that together, inform the identity of who you are. The goal is to curate these aspects to create a clear, lasting, and authentic message that differentiates your voice from others. We understand the challenges involved in revealing these attributes.

PR Workshops + Training

We offer full and half-day workshops focused on the skills necessary to effectively communicate your ideas to media. Topics range from developing the infrastructure necessary to manage and develop Among the topics we’ll cover are: understanding what media looks for (print, online, video); developing your 10-15 second description of your work; crafting compelling stories that people want to hear; refining your messaging; and understanding that it’s both what you say and how you say it.

Social Media Assessment + Strategy

A comprehensive strategy for all social media channels is essential and should aim to expand the firm’s network through curated posts that cultivate community and connections. In a two-part phased process, we conduct a diagnostic of what the firm currently does (audit/assessment) and what it should be doing across channels (strategy). Our process includes reviewing activity and workflow across channels, evaluating strengths and weaknesses, interviewing key leadership, documenting the findings, and providing detailed recommendations and guiding principles.

Social Media Implementation

With a social media strategy in hand, we work to define a routine that outlines the range of activities involved, including the development and confirmation of themes, image sourcing, review process, posting, and follow up. Account maintenance can be provided across channels and includes such activities as liking posts, commenting and responding to those who have tagged the firm, reposting as appropriate, and fostering the right audience.