When people work as a team towards a common goal, what seemed impossible becomes reality.

Steve Burrows, CBE, PE, LEED-AP

Collaborative. Optimistic. Passionate. Global.

Steve helps firms build strong and sustainable businesses with motivated and engaged people who will attract new clients and colleagues. Focused on teamwork and consensus-building, he helps his clients define their destination, consider alternative approaches, and pursue the route that works best for them.

With years of global experience under his belt, Steve has honed his knowledge of what firms need to succeed. That, combined with a keen instinct, gives him an edge in coaching leaders and helping clients communicate effectively to win work, hire great talent, and inspire staff.

Although once afraid of public speaking, Steve has made himself very visible (or audible) on television, radio, in keynote addresses, and even in an IMAX movie designed to attract children to STEM subjects. He believes it’s the greatest time in history to be an engineer, and that optimism carries over into everything he does for his clients.