Niraj Dangoria

Niraj Dangoria

Principal Consultant

Visionary. Experienced. Passionate. Leader.

"By breaking down the silos and thinking of planning more as a tapestry, decisions can be made that would allow the best outcomes to happen."


Niraj’s insights from his years as ‘the owner’ are highly valuable to Cameron MacAllister Group clients. He advises the firm’s clients on a select basis while remaining as Associate Dean for Facilities Planning and Management at Stanford University School of Medicine.

Niraj is an experienced leader and manager with more than 30 years in the planning, design, execution, and management of large-scale institutional plans and projects focused on the areas of learning and research. His experience includes urban, regional, historic, and transitional campuses, having been responsible for more than $2 billion in completed projects.

He recently served as the President of the Society for College and University Planning and was honored with their Distinguished Service Award. With this award, Niraj was recognized for visionary leadership and the ability to rethink and build opportunities for the organization.



  • Meeting and Retreat Facilitation
  • Project Team Performance


  • Marketing Strategies
  • Presentation and Communication Training


  • Team Building and Alignment