I listen and creatively design programs for my clients to become more self-aware – to see when they are getting in their own way and how to self-correct.

Liz Halton

Attentive. Perceptive. Creative. Curious.

Liz is committed to helping people be more fulfilled by their work, and by extension, their lives. She teaches clients how to listen and communicate more effectively, increasing their self-awareness so they can become better leaders.

By carefully and actively listening to her clients, Liz is able to develop individualized programs that help them see their role in situations and learn how to approach those situations more mindfully. As new behaviors become integrated, clients are able to self-correct and more creatively solve the challenges they face.

Liz enjoys questioning why we do things in a certain way, and then developing new processes to address the constant changes happening in life today. Some of her most creative thinking happens not in her office, but on the back of a motorcycle, and when the road trip is from San Francisco to Guatemala, a lot of creativity can emerge.