I focus on asking the right questions and being open, observant and actively listening to both what is, and isn’t, being said. I help clients identify and open up new possibilities for themselves and their organizations.

Linda Pearson


Observant. Diplomatic. Engaging. Keen.

Linda facilitates the conversations individuals and organizations need to have—both internally and externally—to achieve long-term business goals. She also helps clients evaluate the systems and cultures they have in place that either detract from or promote their larger vision, opening up new possibilities for the organization.

Because meaningful conversations can be hard to have and professions often speak different “languages,” Linda acts as translator and coach, listening to what is not being said as well as what is, and helping people ask the right questions at the right time and then build solutions from what they hear.

Her work draws on two decades of marketing and business development in the building industry, as well as her extensive experience as a professional coach.

With a passion for helping people understand each other and themselves, Linda gives individuals and firms a new awareness of how they can be most successful in the world in which they operate.