What I love about my work is the opportunity to help brilliant people become even more brilliant through a structured and strategic process for building business relationships.

Kelly Fehr


Strategic. Creative. Effective. Dedicated.

Kelly helps design professionals improve their business development skills so they can initiate and foster new strategic relationships. Her thoughtful process brings coherence to relationship-building, giving individuals and firms tools they can apply to any business-development situation.

A student of behavioral science, Kelly understands the dynamics of interpersonal relationships within firms and between firms and clients. Using creativity and extensive experience, she guides professionals in identifying what their target clients need and implementing plans to gain their trust and loyalty. Her methodical approach and organized follow-through contribute to more consistent return on investment of time, money, and esprit de corps.

Having become an athlete late in life, Kelly understands the challenges of learning skills that don’t come naturally. She brings that empathy and dedication to her work, offering her clients tailored strategies for achieving their goals.