Our services address the business of design and construction in leadership, management, marketing, people, public relations, communications and sustainability


A commitment to creating a sustainable built environment is increasingly becoming a priority for many firms who see the importance of having a positive lasting impact, but face challenges in doing so.  We work with firms to first conduct rigorous internal research to define and develop their sustainability and resiliency goals, and then identify changes in internal and project processes necessary to achieve them.

Sustainability Strategy

As global issues of sustainability are increasingly becoming local and as firms transition to next-generation leadership, there is a growing recognition in our industry that a fully integrated approach to sustainability is imperative to allow firms to keep pace with their clients and communities.  We help firms identify strategic opportunities based on the firm’s market, values, capabilities and practice goals.

Resiliency Strategy

Fostering resilience and climate adaptation is rapidly becoming a priority in cities throughout the U.S. We work with firms to get in front of this challenge by first identifying their clients’ and regions’ key shocks and stresses, and then developing strategic directions for resilience-related services that can engage the entire practice.

Regenerative Thinking

The complex pressures that are increasing upon the built environment call for solutions that aren’t just “less bad” but allow for continued improvement.   We help firms understand the expertise and processes needed to create environments in which their clients’ economic, natural and social systems will all thrive.

Sustainability Assessment

Understanding the impact of our work on the built environment is increasingly becoming a priority, linked with the urgent human health and environmental challenges, client and millennial priorities. Through our research, we work with firms to identify external market trends and assess internal achievements and barriers to further progress and identify opportunities.