Our services address the business of design and construction in leadership, practice and marketing.

Marketing + PR

Macallister Group Professional BrandingGood marketing requires a broad set of skills and reliable information. We improve our clients’ effectiveness at building strategic business relationships and help them win more and better work, through marketing strategy, market insights, and training in a range of presentation and communication skills.


  • Business Development
  • Client Surveys
  • Competitive Presentation Coaching
  • External Communications and Social Media
  • Market Intelligence
  • Marketing Assessments
  • Marketing Consulting
  • Presentation and Communication Training

Business Development

We improve design professionals’ effectiveness at building strategic business relationships. Our approach emphasizes a client-focused, discovery-driven process that develops relationships—not just leads—and helps firms gain deep insight into their clients’ needs and aspirations. Our services include consulting tailored to individual firm needs, as well as AIA/CES-approved workshops.

Client Surveys

We help our clients stop wondering what the marketplace really thinks and start asking. Our focus is deeper, more nuanced feedback—one-on-one conversations, by telephone or in person—and we assist with online surveys as appropriate. We bring experience and industry understanding to every client interview, and tailor every survey to our clients’ unique goals.

Competitive Presentation Coaching

As presentation strategists, we focus on developing the right messages that will resonate with the audience. Our approach to interview coaching is based on key fundamentals such as researching the presentation audience, developing key messages that will resonate with that audience, and working with individuals and teams to maximize the effectiveness of their delivery.


External Communications and Social Media

We work with firms to create effective strategies for external communications. Bringing together the elements of print and digital media, we help firms to realize the full potential of their work and expand their media footprint. Services encompass communications assessments, planning, and implementation; media relations; workshops and training; and social media evaluations and implementation.

Market Intelligence

For firms considering opening another office, expanding their geographic reach, exploring a new market, or launching a new service, success depends on market research. We offer clients a deep knowledge of the design and construction industries, strong familiarity with research resources, and a thorough understanding of what it takes to be successful in a market.

Marketing Assessments

We conduct marketing assessments to provide firms with a roadmap for improving their marketing performance. Our process includes gathering quantitative data, researching the tools and processes in place to execute marketing plans, interviewing key marketing stakeholders, documenting our findings, and providing a detailed set of recommendations for improvement

Marketing Consulting

Effective marketing involves a range of individuals with different skills working together towards a common goal. We help firms on an ongoing or as-needed basis to develop marketing plans and budgets, determine appropriate staff and task assignments, budget adequate time for marketing, and explore possibilities like offering new services or expanding geographically.

Presentation and Communication Training

We offer a range of communication and presentation skills-development workshops for staff at all levels. Our workshops enhance participants’ abilities in almost any type of communication, including preparing effectively for competitive marketing presentations, talking about design and management ideas more successfully, and improving communication among team members.