Our services address the business of design and construction in leadership, practice and marketing.


Macallister Group Professional BrandingLeadership is critical to a firm’s success but leadership skills don’t always come naturally. We help current and future principals improve their skills and awareness, become better communicators and collaborators, and grow into inspiring and inclusive leaders.

  • Equity & Diversity Consulting
  • Executive Coaching
  • Leadership Assessment
  • Professional Mentoring
  • Succession Planning

Equity & Diversity Consulting

In recent years, there has been a growing recognition in our industry that internal leadership demographics have not kept pace with diversity in our broader communities. We work with firms to first conduct rigorous internal demographic research and then define and develop changes in both culture and policy to encourage inclusion.

Executive Coaching

To support long-term leadership development, we design individualized programs for executives that increase awareness and engage new ways of responding. Through coaching, leaders improve their collaboration and communication skills, are able to more effectively handle challenging situations or individuals, become better at inspiring clients and staff, and create workplaces with improved teamwork.

Leadership Assessment

Few things are more critical to a firm’s long-term viability than the selection of future leaders. We evaluate candidates with proven assessment tools and recommend development steps to prepare them for successful leadership roles.

Professional Mentoring

Leadership doesn’t always come naturally. Mentoring can help new leaders—and ones that have been leading for a while—confidently grow into their expanding roles. Our approach stems from our own long-term senior management roles in design and construction firms.

Succession Planning

For a closely held design and construction firm to be successful over the long term, an orderly transition of leadership and ownership from generation to generation is essential. Transitions must occur at the right time and favor the best-qualified candidates in appropriate roles. We have first-hand experience in succession planning, and use that deep knowledge to guide clients to a successful outcome