All of our team at Cameron MacAllister Group gathers several times a year to organize, coordinate and plan our various activities. Typically, we’ve met in San Francisco or Oakland, but this year we convened in Bozeman, Montana – the temporary home of our fearless leader and fly fisherman extraordinaire, Mark. What has typically been a day-long session which everyone has attended and then immediately returned home, this was a little more extensive and for good reason. Bozeman is beautiful in October.

As has been our recent tradition, we began with a grand meal that everyone pitched in to cook – in this case, it was in the beautiful kitchen of an Airbnb home we shared. Our meeting the following day was lively and productive, as usual, but with the added benefit of looking out the many windows of our conference room to falling snow in downtown Bozeman. Another great dinner, and the following day most of us flew back to our respective homes. Those that stayed spent a day driving down to Yellowstone National Park to view Old Faithful erupting and herds of bison grazing in the snow.

Like the retreats we help plan and facilitate for our clients, we left energized, renewed and ready to finish out 2017 with the passion, thoughtfulness and commitment we work to cultivate in our group. Next up: Portland!